Tribute to Dheeraj

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DheerajFor Dheeraj…..


You are not forgotten, nor will you ever be…..

As long as life & memories last, we will remember thee…

To some you may be forgotten, to others a part of the past,

But to us who loved you dearly, your memories will always last.

Nothing can be more beautiful, than the memories of you,

To us, you were someone special; God must have thought so too…

If tears could build a staircase & memories a lane,

We would walk all the way to Heaven and bring you back again…….


Dheeraj to me was like an elder brother, we talked about anything and everything. I really had some intellectual conversations with him. We discussed lot of things like starting a venture, joining politics ……etc, after we complete the course. I could also not forget the morning breakfast he used to prepare for us and then Naman and Dheeraj used to wait for me so that all can have dinner together. I miss all those days, along with periodic bike rides and late night conversations at PowaiLake. Hope could bring back those days. But I know no one can.

Miss you Dheeraj.

-Subodh Mishra




Dheeraj urf Thakurrrrrrr…..

This is only for u…


Can’t forget the day we became friends…

Can’t forget those evening walks around the NitieLake

Can’t forget those table tennis games we played…

Can’t forget those ALL BOYS party we had in FUEL

Can’t forget the last night’s party in Nitie (I still remember it because we three partied alone after a long time)..

Can’t forget those memorable days we 3 rather 4 spent in our beautiful home…

Can’t forget those bike rides to South Bombay n especially Marine drive…

Can’t forget those nibu namak wala VODKA shots which u me n Subodh relished…

Can’t forget that chicken dish which u prepared for lunch…

Can’t forget (especially me n Rajo) your discussions wid Subodh to buy Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata n many more…

Can’t forget those arguments we had regarding CCAP, academics, office n everything else…

Can’t forget those Pepsi breaks on the insti roof…

Can’t forget the day u dressed up like Jitendra (Men in white)…


My friend these words won’t END with CAN’T FORGET because u will always remain in my heart as one of my BEST friends…

But I feel very sorry to realize this very late

-Naman Agrawal



Whenever I think of Dheeraj, I remember the time we all had spent in NITIE… those evening walks near the lake… those late night b’day celebrations… and the last night there… and the time we spent in office…. arguing over silly things, he helping me out with basic software problems n I solving his economic puzzles…. I remember him sharing with me his memories of the time he had spent with his brother (because he was very close to his brother), his dreams and ambitions, his beliefs n thoughts…. He was a really complex person who had an underlying meaning to whatever he said… and I was never able to figure out those meanings unless he explained me. He was someone who was always there whenever I needed a friend. U were a wonderful friend Dheeraj!!!


-Payal Bijlani

Dheeraj with us!


Hey Thakur,


I still remember my last meeting when u were leaving for home for Diwali break at the parking in Marol Hill View, me insisting you to stay back for another day so that we could have fun. The exact words u said,”Ek mere hone ya na hone se koi fark nahi padta”.But that’s not true .It does matter Thakur!!

I really miss sitting and chatting with u in classes…..The corner seat near board……..Scribbling at the back of my (and never yours) note books. Then you promising me to get new one for each page we spoilt……The wisdom discussion (Or arguments cud be a better word)….The conclusion as always being “Matter of perceptions Thakur.Lets not argue”…And thanks for the song u dedicated to me…


U have always been a great friend and I always said “A great Brain”

Miss you always May your soul rest in peace.

In faith,




Hey buddy you were always a close friend and you would always be in my heart forever. Every time I spoke to you, not for a single moment I felt that I m talking to a stranger. Your way of looking at life was amazing , ready to experiment , always giving , helping others , for you friends were colour’s of life. We had plans which got freezed in time. I wish I could have got some more time to spend with you. I also learnt from you that never leave things undone and live life to the fullest. I wish and I pray to God that may your soul rest in peace.





Dheeraj was the very first guy I spoke to in NITIE and from there on we became friends. He was calm, composed and a friendly person. One of his qualities that I really admire was his ability to carry his silent smile even in difficult times. The time that we all spent together will be cherished forever, the evening walks at the NITIELake, waking up at 2 in the morning just to grab hot coffee from the Nescafe kiosk and helping each other out with assignments. I remember, giving you economics lessons in return of your financial institutions gyaan. The last time you called me up was to wish Diwali and the entire thing still remains so afresh in my mind. The whole incident still seems unbelievable to me…with so many things unexplained as yet, can’t figure out why or how.

All I can say is that, Dheeraj was a wonderful friend and will be remembered always – today, tomorrow & forever.

God Bless!!


-Priyanka Bijlani



Although I never got the opportunity to spend quality time with Dheeraj but whatever I have seen of him in the class, he was undoubtedly one of the most considerate people in our batch. A friendly fellow that he was, I am sure our whole class misses him as a friend and a colleague.


-Sushama Pal


.......With us!


Well, Thakur (Dheeraj) reminds me of hours of never ending unnecessary and stupid fights that we used get into. Besides them, late night choc fantasy, Powai lake, Marine drive, Red note book, old Hindi songs and there is a long list…..

There was nothing in common between the two of us….. But I still remember that at any gathering when everybody would have fun, he would come and stand beside me in the kitchen and give me company( that’s pull my leg) so that I am not alone…..

I also remember every time he thanked me for getting food in separate dish for him (you all know the reason) saving it from the hands of hungry poor eaglets of the batch. He used to say, “How much ever you fight or curse me madam, I know you care for me”. I still don’t know why I did it in spite of all the annoying stuffs he used to do….

I think Thakur has gone, but I am still the same old person n that’s the reason I don’t want to say good things about him….

I was crying (as usual) before the QM exam and he said that he is going to write for me if I didn’t know anything in the paper. That time I said no, but now I feel had Thakur been there in this semester I would have surely made him done that…..

Thakur I have nothing to hide from you, it’s always been like this when you were here and now that you are not…..

You know exactly how I feel about all the craps I told you knowingly and unknowingly….

How much I hated you for irritating me day in and day out….

But today I just wish you were here, things here are different without u…

Actually, everything has changed; Naman is the CR…..

And I never thought I will ever accept this “I miss you”…


-Rajoshi Banerjee



I remember Thakur as a very easy to be with person – in him I found a very good friend whose advice I sought for almost everything, nothing went out from him he knew how to keep secrets.

Once when we were new in CRISIL it started raining very heavily and people staying in Kurla asked us to leave early because that area faces a water logging problem – i was hesitating to request for a half day and before I knew he called and requested my manger for it on my behalf..

Every now and then I forgot some thing in office and then he would carry it to his place – half my things used to rest at his flat :)

Whenever we got some work he would ask me to chose 1st and would take the remaining part…

I used 2 call him – The wayward youth of India – and he took pride in that.


He kept forgetting where the files (to be worked on) are stored and he was bad at remembering formulae – i use to write the formulae on his excel sheet for his reference :)

Whenever there was a fight on mails, we would have our own game- he used to try and keep the fight alive and whenever he failed i teased him – but he never failed, he managed to elicit response from a dull junta also.

I told him before the sem break- I don’t want to go home because the day I will come back akele bahut bura lagega – he said don’t worry when u cum back i will be here pehle se ( because he had plans of returning before me) so you won’t feel the change… :(


-Shriya Shekhar



When I think about Dheeraj the first thing that comes to my mind is a quiet guy lost in his own deep thoughts. He believed that a conversation with oneself was better than the conversation with the outside world. To a person like me who has to express each and every idea that takes form in my mind this seemed to be really astonishing.

We were always having small disagreements. All I can say today that he was a really nice human being and even the small arguments that we shared had their own fun. There was always something different about him, a person who knew how to go against the tide and still have a good reason to defend his move. In the end, I believe these words that truly describe Dheeraj when he lived and even after he is gone…


To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson


-Isha Bagga



Dheeraj – whenever this name comes before, only one face comes into picture, the lovely, cute, smiling face of our sweet friend Dheeraj. I was thinking since long to chat with him on lotus, but as soon as I came back after Diwali and was to begin my lotus notes, I got a call from Shriya about him. I was shocked, unable to believe. I believe he was the only person in the batch who was equally close to almost all of us and tried to share time with everyone.


Going to NITIE I always remember his smiling face with joined hands saluting me and me, responding him back with adab!!!!! Now it seems very difficult to stand near the stairs, at CRISIL house after lunch and chat with fits of laughter without you, Dheeraj!!!!

Once during the lunch, at CRISIL house, I came out with the ongoing news of earth colliding with some heavenly bodies and destruction of earth after some years. I said” may this happen at the earliest, and he added no, I want to live long, I have to see New York, visit Canada, u know that’s why I am learning French. I have to enjoy a lot, abhi kuch dekha hi kahan hai.”


It is very unfair on the part of God that those who want to die, don’t die and those who want to live don’t live.


We all love you Dheeraj, you may not be there around us but you are always there in our hearts.