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“You must be warned against letting the golden hours slip by;

But some of them are so golden only because we let them slip by.”

We are halfway through CCAP. Yes, one year on the paltry stipend is over, another year and we will be salaried employees. The wonderful memories of the year gone by have continuously haunted me and the only way I could exorcise them was by penning it down.

NITIE welcomed us on the 9th of June. The Mumbai rains seemed pleasing thinking about the heat in Delhi. We started our CCAP journey with the very popular eaglet story, passed down to us by our then course coordinator Ganesh. (Which later was a subject of many a jokes and the word eaglet found its way to the our football team as well)

Our one month stay in NITIE was undoubtedly among the best days of my life. Those never ending afternoon sessions; the late night walks near the lake (or “pond” as Arpit puts it, pardon him, hills and mountains or seas and oceans are all the same to him, to pull his leg a little further, Miss India and Miss World aren’t too different either); dropping at the cafe around midnight for maggi, coffee and unlimited gossip without the fear of the stray leopard spotted on campus. The word dropping also reminds me of the crow droppings on Manish’s head; with uncanny accuracy from the tree above just outside the cafe (the crows probably misunderstood him as their dumping ground). Can’t forget the tiring house hunting rounds every weekend; the biryani calls to nakko.

The last night on campus when most of us didn’t sleep at all, where Manish discovered that he was dominating (contrary to his looks)thanks to the palmistry from Priya, and Arpit found enough reasons to be scared of me.

Honeymoon doesn’t last too long and we were in offices (with no trees or lakes) trying to get used to the huge shift and understand the mechanics of the corporate world.

August gifted us with our first long weekend (thanks to our freedom fighters who liberated India on August 15 which luckily was a Friday in 2008). Many of my batch mates headed back home and the rest of us had nothing to do. Fortunately for us the inseparable Rajo and Subodh conjured up a plan to visit Matheran and were kind enough to sacrifice their privacy by taking us along.

The next morning found us in the local train to Neral and a taxi from there. There we were at the foothills of Matheran inundated with excitement to reach our destination. It was wonderful, great weather, muddy terrain and we didn’t mind the drizzle. Out came our raincoats, blue, yellow, grey, quite a variety indeed. And the hiking began singing songs and stopping every few yards for an elaborate photo shoot (thanks to narcissistic Naman).

After close to 3 hours, and hearing ‘just 15 minutes more’ cliché dialogue more than a hundred times, we finally reached a place called Echo point puffing and panting only to realize that it was certainly a Point with no Echo. Some of us almost lost their lungs trying to force out an echo in the otherwise spectacular location. After exploring a few other places there we returned grumbling with pain. (We here didn’t include the gorgeous Anvesha who was on a horseback which was trying hard to stay alive). This trip will be etched in my memory forever.

The first semester flew by and we were back after a short stay at home. Naman, Rajo and Subodh by then had already a new vacation in mind, this time it was Kashid. Eight of us finally turned up (while others backed out coz of early morning blues). Ferried from Marine drive, 6 hours later, we were at Kashid. In all the excitement we had forgotten that we didn’t own a hotel and needed to book one. We all looked at Naman who was entrusted with the responsibility but he vanished in thin air. After a little tiff and a lot of search, we finally found a hotel which our light pockets could afford. All our weariness disappeared at the thought of the beach, so threw our bags in the hotel headed straight to the beach. The not so clear water even looked mesmerising with the sunset at the backdrop. After some fun in the water we had to bear the brunt of some Rajo type humour and Subodh’s stories (inseparable, no wonder). The next morning found us again on the beach collecting sea-shells which still ornaments our homes, making sand palaces. The same tiresome mode of transportation brought us back to Mumbai. Another memorable trip comes to an end.

The last but the first official trip was to Karjat in December and this time the count was almost 100 per cent. Early morning we all gathered in Crisil House and boarded the Volvo. Spending 3-4 hours singing, yelling, Arpit making that video (which luckily most of us did not get to see) and needless to mention, me & Priyanka sleeping, we reached our destination. After a whole day of activities, we spent the night walking through woods and playing pranks on each other.

The next day was adventurous – mountain rappling, making rafts, playing in water – and finally, we returned back cribbing about the uneasiness in legs, the next day in office… but it was truly worth it… our trip to Karjat !!!

Well, some events just pass by and life moves on….but they leave behind them imprints on the sands of time……. to be cherished forever…..


Payal Bijlani

(With inputs from Priyanka and Manish)



(Journey of CCAP: A Snapshot)

Achanak ek din, samne apne maine ek Avsar paya

Bahut socha samjha , fir use apnaya

Aasan nahi tha safar , par mumkin ise banaya

Yakeen tha khud par isliye yahaan tak pahunch paya.

Pareeksha ki har kasauti par khara utra,

Tab kahin jakar CCAP mein admission paya.

FA to sabhi the…………………………….

Koi Fulltime Aalsi, koi Fulltime Aawara , to Koi Fresher Apna,

Par sabka Sapna tha Financial Analyst ban-na

Nikle apne apne Nagar se is Mahanagar ki Orr

Bandhe Ek Asha aur Umeed ki Dor.

Chod Aaye sab Apno ko kuch pane k liye……..

Jaise nikle ho Khoj mein kisi Khazane k liye………..

Naye dost, Nayi Duniya, badla sa tha ye sara sama…

Par aaj bhi humein yaad rahega wo pehla mahina NITIE ka!

Din mein class mein padai ka dar, aur raat mein Cheete ka dar!!!

Shaamein to kati thi hum ne karke House Hunting Dagar- Dagar…

Aur har Sunday ko bhatakte the jaane kidhar – kidhar !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Itna waqt kafi tha humein duniya se Ru – ba – Ru karaane k liye…

Ab tak samajh aa gayi thi, humein Aacha bura pehchan ne k liye…

Chalti ka Naam Gaadi hai…….. Aur hafte mein Saat din Kaafi hain.

Proper Allocation of Resources mein , hum kisi se nahi hain Kamtar!

Char din Daftar, Do din NITIE…

To Sunday k liye book hai Bistar !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zindagi jeena to koi inse seekhe,

Aisa Time Management koi karke to dekhe!!!

Assignment ek week late ho sakta hai..

Par…Vodaphone Tuesday ka show kaise miss ho sakta hai..

Hamaari tulna to IIM waalon se karte hain..

Yeh to Venky Sir khud hi kehte hain.

Kisi- kisi ko kaam ka nashaa aisa chada … ki Class to attend kari

Par baahar aakar pucha ki Class mein kya padha ?????

Agar Office main Overtime kiya ……………

to, uska Bharpaya NITIE ki Class mein sokar kiya

Office mein Exam ki , aur class mein kaam ki chinta

Itna sab kafi nahi tha , ki MINT waaalon ne dala naya Adanga!!!!

Jise humne Chunauti mana, use unhone Vikalp batlaya

Nadan samajh k maaf kiya humne…..

CCAP ki takat kao tha na pehchana usne….

Yeh takat samay ke Saat aur badhi…

Who baat alag hai ki hamari jansankhya kafi kuch ghati!!!!

Sahayog mila humein ek – doosre ka…

Is se badhi thi aur kya khushi???????

Aaj is mukam tak pahunchne ki sabki thi kaamana…

Par is ghadi mein bhi sabke man mein hogi Alag Alag Bhawana

Kuch logon ka Saath choot jaata hai….

To kuch log saath chod jaate hain….

Naye Rishte aate aur judte chale jaate hain…

Par Ganesh ka jaana ,, aur Priti ka aana …

CCAP k liye tha ek naya Fasana!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He was the King; no doubt she is the Queen

But Aarti remained always behind the scene….

But with the spirit of … Show must go ON…………..


All the other reasons foregone……………..

Aaj Naya safar shuru karne ki baari hai.

Bade Package aur Bank Balance ki Bekarari hai….

Aapki har khushi mein, saath Dua Hamaari hai…

Aur Itna sabar kar sun ne ke liye …

Ye Naacheez aapki Aabhari hai!!!!


Pooja Hingorani