One fine day…

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Birthday No. 24

It was really hot. Although it was my 7th cup of coffee, I feel that there is some problem with the coffee machine. Strangely, it has dispensed coffees of all different temperatures in past 6 hours. I bet this was the hottest of the 7. Suddenly I am called again in the board room…………….In my mind…..Ahhh the break is over.

I entered the room, Guess what everybody (and that includes the CEO, the COO, the CFO and the Executive Directors etc etc) in the board room wishing, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU”. I looked at my Team Leader with a silent question, “Why did you tell them…….Its so damn embarrassing? He  is silent with a 360O smile on his face  Which is certainly not helping me………..I tried to control my not so happy emotions…….(For record, I don’t feel this way when I am wished in normal circumstances).

Flashback…….My boss tells me, that I will have to stay for one month in Delhi for a super critical strategy assignment for one of our most esteemed clients. It’s a make or break situation for the company. Its going to be their bread and butter for years to come and some other related stuff.

Next comes: I will have to lead the assignment and ensure one of the team members, with no prior domain experience comfortably transitions into the team, until my team leader is back from an international assignment.

Did you see his language, FLAWLESS, I actually started to feel happy about all of this…..Its not that his words were not true….but this is what consulting teaches you….you need to communicate the news to the person (who is going to get screwed) in a manner that he feels happy about it …..or better, he looks forward to it.

Ok so coming back to where we were……..It was my birthday and the calls from family and friends were still pouring in……At one point, I thought it is better to switch it off……..I mean it is far better than screwing the bidding strategy for a company…….Repercussions: my company loosing the client and the CEO loosing his job……better concentrate on financial model and the random scenarios that the people (Read stakeholders) want me to test and discussions on strategy (Phew….). We finally finished. It is 1:30 A.M. We move back to the rooms…..which by the way I get to see only in nights.

Final thoughts before dozing off: I am 24……shit I am actually 24. One year later and it would never be early 20’s and the zone of mid or late 20’s will start…….And then the repeated re-telecast of the question and answers

The first half of me: “Have I achieved something in my life …..Anything?”

The other half: Yaaah …why not, I am consulting CEO’s …….@24….thats cool + I got the award for the best bla bla.

The first half: yaah but you are not in Mckinsey or Bain….They do cool stuff……

The other half again (feeling sleepy): Ya but I might some day …..I have not yet done my MBA

The first half: but some people at your age do that………

The other half (trying hard not to sleep): yaah but they don’t get to lead engagements so early in their career

The first half: Ya but they earn more than you…..dumbo

The other half: Zzzz Zzzzz

The first half: Looser….. Looser ……..Is anybody there???


Have a nice day,

Anshum Saxena


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