The CCAP Traveller

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The CCAP Traveller

– Namit Chugh,  Crisil Risk and Advisory Solution


The HR congratulates us for getting selected into the course. And the next sentence is – it’s a really rigorous course. The Course co-coordinator congratulates us and re-asserts it’s a rigorous course. The seniors meet us at NITIE hostel and re-iterate, it’s a rigorous course. And finally I am fed up of listening to it. Why on earth can’t people tell us, it’s an innovative course, and the journey will be exciting?

Anyway, we make it exciting by a couple of ways – study, study, work, study, work, study, value add to work, study and some other ways which can’t be mentioned publicly (Get in touch with me once you join CCAP to know more about these activities) and then there is one more activity which is prioritized in my life – priority stands above most things – TRAVEL. CCAP had pushed back my travel priority with never ending exams and assignments and I was waiting to be free again.

The wait ended just before Diwali this year (end of semester), and a few adventurous lot amongst us planned a bike trip to Mahabaleshwar. We had only 3 days and I guess we made the best use of it. No plans were made, no maps seen, a couple of shorts and tees packed in small bags, and here we go. We left at around 5 am in the morning, meaning we all got up at 4am on a Saturday, which otherwise is herculean task for a CCAPians; case in point – we otherwise have classes on Saturdays and punctuality is something we just forgot after coming to Mumbai. Three bikes-Pulsar, Unicorn and Bullet (names need to be mentioned because bikes are more sensitive than girlfriends, if not given due importance, they know how and when to take revenge), left for a 650 km long trip.

The first major issue (apart from other issues which were bound to arise when a gang of egoistic bikers come together) was over-reliance on Google maps. Some tech-savvy buffs were around, stopping by every half an hour, to check if we were on the right path. I am a bit orthodox in use of technology, I rather rely on instincts. Anyway, moving ahead, we reached Kolad and finally found some adrenaline in Kayaking, River crossing, etcetera. After paying money for tiring ourselves near Kolad dam, we embarked our journey towards Mahabaleshwar. Not to forget, we stopped by at a roadside mechanic – The Unicorn was showing some attitude, it failed to cross 60kmph – too bad at a highway; not to forget it was carrying 200kgs of load (the rider and pillion !!!).

We finally reached Mahabaleshwar, to our dismay, it was more boring than we had imagined. All we could do there was see sunrise from a peak and sunset from some other peak, see some forts and temples. We all had one common interest – lack of interest in both history and religion – but even then we visited afore mentioned places. We killed one entire day doing this and planned the itinerary for the next day. We had planned Paragliding in Panchgani on our way back, so on Monday morning, we left Mahabaleshwar early (ofcourse after seeing the sunrise again), all geared uImagep and excited to again feel some adrenaline rush. My skills (which got me into the Advisory BU) helped us get some discount at the paraglider. It was worth the money spent. We reached Mumbai at 8pm in the night, without any significant events on our way back; except of course the awesome Biryani we had at JafferBhai in Panchgani. End of trip.

And now that the semester has started, we are back to our hectic schedule. But I will write about my next trip in further articles. Come what may, I will never stop travelling and eating. That is what keeps a CCAPian alive (Pun intended!).

PS: Travel freaks, fellow CCAPians, aspiring CCAPians, get in touch with me for travel and food details. The content written above is my personal opinion and is not intended to hurt anyone!


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