The Controlled Media

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PM says “There should not be any outside control on media”; Are you sure Sir??

– Kumar Pranav (CRISIL-Research)

Either he doesn’t cares what goes out in media, or knows very well what will go out in the media!! Quite confusing isn’t it?

Well let me explain it with examples:

Leading English daily reports that the High Court of a state says that the Indian National language is a foreign language for the state… Well seems hard to believe, but it is true. Whereas the actual news was that the high court had only asked a particular information brochure to be published in local language as many people do not understand the national language. What was this, creative journalism or provocative journalism?

China blamed the Indian media for exaggerating certain Sino-Indian issues to present them as serious tension between India and China, to which erstwhile home Minister Mr. Pranab Mukherjee took a serious note and reprimanded the media.

Justice Katju the newly appointed chairman of PCI, has been quite vocal about his views on the irresponsible presentation of facts by the media, and expressed his desire to put a regulatory mechanism in place.

There are several more examples, which will take up more than 1000 pages and prove that media today is a reign-less wild horse! So better I limit my example here.

I’ll suggest an exercise, take up any particular news, and try to see the style of reporting the same news in at least 5 different sources, each one might come out with a different interpretation of the same piece of information.

Even then our PM feels there should be no outside control on media. I believe that the democracy offers us the freedom of speech, and everyone is totally free to present their views, but every right comes with certain responsibilities, and when one fails to realize his responsibilities, he loses his right over the right!!

When the three pillars of democracy shake hands to make out the best for them, how can the fourth one remain aloof?

So the media says “Sir, we are with you, for you, always!” (The slogan belongs to Delhi Police, but fits well here), to which our PM replies “When there is sufficient internal control, then why do we require an outside control on our fourth brother”

Jai Hind!


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