My Class thru my Eyes

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My Class thru my Eyes

 – Shivalika Gupta, CCAP V

Some things in life never fail to amaze you, like our beautiful NITIE campus, and there are certain things which never fail to irritate you, like the 100 stairs that you will have to climb to get to class. For those who do not exercise, this so suits you!!! “Take 100 stairs or a small trek to get to class”

And once you are in class, you will realize how being in CCAP can get you a tag of Sir/Madam, because the guy who places the water jug in class will invariably call you Sir/Madam , how much ever you try to correct him. I can’t believe he calls me Madam, you’ll know why, when you meet me (i.e. if you get you get to meet me)

Once in class, you ll fight over the attendance sheet, and all that is edible, for when you come to class, you don’t have the time to have your breakfast. In every class, there always are people whom you should look out for (in the sense avoid). Never ever open any of your lunch boxes or any food item in front of these people, or else it will DISAPPEAR!!! Into their bellies. Be extra careful during the chai breaks as, sharing means caring takes a different meaning altogether.

In between the lectures, comes the most cherished time,- “ the chai break”. With the magnificent view of the NITIE lawns, we are served tea/coffee, on the teacher’s terrace. This happens to be one exclusive benefit that we get. Everyday irrespective of whose class it is, at 10.30 sharp all we want to hear is the attendant’s voice, as he knocks on the door and says “sir, chai ready hai”. And if the Prof. doesn’t leave us then, in another 5 minutes the class becomes so restless that he is forced to let us go for our break.

During the break, the sleepers are super active, that’s the only time you find them alert attentive, active. (They are scattered in the class, 1 in each row. Their job: to facilitate the flow of information a.k.a grapevine). They are sleeping in the class, and pretend to know it all, and suddenly become active participants and steal, cite your points as their views, to the Prof.’s question. They will help you to do (un) important things in class, like circulating the notices, distributing assignment sheets and yes the gossip.

Will tell you more about , how I see our class.


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