My journey from India Gate to Gateway of India

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My journey from India Gate to Gateway of India

– Namit Chugh,  Crisil Risk and Advisory Solution

I am a Dilliwallah to the core, born and brought up in Delhi streets, I have seen DTC transform its colorss from Blue to Yellow to Green to Red, I have seen the Metro being constructed, I have seen the numerous protests at India gate, I have been Lathi charged once in the same protests, I am just in love with Delhi. And one fine day I land up here in Bombay (I like Bombay more than Mumbai, Bombay sounds better). I was welcomed with rains, to the extent that my entire luggage was drenched within a few minutes. A few days in the city, I have started to like it; but my love for Delhi is intact – I am still loyal – there is something about both these cities which constantly pulls me. I am just unable to decide where my heart is!

  1. The city of Djinns, the power capital of India, Delhi is the city with a soul; the walled city always keeps changing. Every time I go back home, I see something new and amusing. The financial capital of the country on the other hand has soulful people, be it attacks or floods, Mumbaikars always stand strong.
  2. Every other Delhiite knows a politician or someone influential in some ministry; getting admission in colleges is as easy as making a few calls and spending a few bucks (read lakhs). In Mumbai, no one knows any one; people are just way too busy with their lives.
  3. We are rude, arrogant, and violent- that’s the image of Delhi and I’d say yes, it’s true. I have seen it all, been a victim as well as criminal, it’s just in the Delhi air, can’t help it. Mumbaikars on the other hand are good people I guess. As of now, I haven’t witnessed road rage or abusive fights here; maybe I am just lucky. I hope my experience continues to be the same.
  4. Mumbai got beaches and building, we got none. All we have in Delhi is monuments (1200 buildings and 175 monuments in Delhi are recognized as National Heritage sites). And apart from monuments which are of interest to random travellers  and students of Architecture, we have Chandni Chowk, South Ex, GK-M Block, CP, Lajpat Nagar-Central Market and a few others; by now Delhiites would have understood I am talking about the always crowded markets of Delhi. Come what may, we will never stop shopping. The face of shopping here in Mumbai being Fashion Street. Other places of special interest being Marine Drive, Juhu and of course Bandstand.
  5. Delhi offers chole bhature, halwa, faluda kulfis, etc. And Mumbai has its omnipresent vada pao. Be it Andheri or Bandra, one can always find a vada pao to eat.
  6. Delhi’s people got what they call – FURSAT – the time to do anything and everything, basically gossip. The locality I was brought up, you can always catch a sight of the typical Mrs. Chadha chatting with some Mrs. Sharma on some random topic (usually pertaining to a girl and a boy of the locality). In Mumbai, I hardly see neighbors chatting with each other. May be six months is a small time to make an opinion about the people here, but anyway people are always busy and everyone says it and even I believe it now – Mumbai is a fast city.
  7. We have sprawling lush university campuses – DU, JNU, Jamia but Mumbai has no such university campus. The university campuses in Delhi are famous for their road side food – be it Momos corner, Billi Di Hatti or Tom Uncle’s maggi. Everyone who belongs to the university has invariably been to all these places innumerable times. I haven’t been a student of DU but I have eaten out at all these places. Mumbai on the other hand has Cannon Pao bhaji, bade Miya’s behind Taj, etc. I think I should not write more about food, I am already feeling hungry.

Each city has its own charms. I enjoy Mumbai rains, I love Delhi winters. I haven’t seen Delhi night life, it’s almost non-existent. And Mumbai’s night life deserves no discussion.

I am still not sure where do I wish to settle down in life. I am in love, constantly romancing with both the cities. Confused!!


One thought on “My journey from India Gate to Gateway of India

    Lavanya said:
    April 3, 2012 at 2:12 pm

    Delhi it should be, go back to it and bring about a change!

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