The Unexplored

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The Unexplored!!!

                                                                                                                                                               – Namit Chugh, Crisil Risk and Advisory Solution

A trip with my batch mates, that too without my bike, was more like a shock to me. I had never expected I’d go out travelling with people, just not my cup of tea. But that was before I went to Tarkarli with four CCAPians. Before I talk about the trip, I’d speak about people. They were all stupid enough to go with me to a place none of us had heard of before, crazy enough to tolerate me for four days, childlike in their laughter, and animated beyond my imagination.

We all met at Thane to catch the Mandovi express. The first hour had decided the fate of the trip- AWESOME. Simultaneously, it was also decided, all the fun will be at whose stake. But no names will come out in this blog since we decided everything that happened in those four days would be known only to the five of us. The train journey was fun, we laughed, shouted, slept, ate, and disturbed the entire coach by singing. But none of the passengers complained, all thanks to our hatta katta healthy looks. We finally reached Kudal from where we managed to reach Tarkarli by 8pm. We took a small cottage run by a family (the culture being followed invariably across the town). Coming to the most important part of the trip: the FOOD! The dinner was – I have no words to express – AMAZING. Even amazing is an understatement for the sea food we ate.

Without any mention to what we guys did, or rather did not do, I would like to make a list of THINGS TO DO WHEN IN TARKARLI for fellow travellers:

  • Go with someone who can speak Marathi. The only reason I took a friend of mine.
  • Beware of the cats while eating fishes; the cats will undoubtedly test your patience. Or just have someone around who loves cats; it will make life easy for you. I luckily had someone.
  • Do not look for booze, it is BANNED in Tarkarli, you will have to go the next town (Malvan) to get some.
  • Eat all fishes and dishes available. Because you will never taste anything like it anywhere else. Restaurants to go to – Bamboo and Chaitanya in Malvan.
  • Carry cash unless you want to waste time looking for ATM’s.
  • Hire a bicycle/scooter and enjoy nature. The rides were great.
  • Enjoy Tarkarli beach – clean water and beautiful sand.
  • Go scuba diving at Sindhudurg, it will give you a feel of scuba diving at real cheap prices.
  • Do spend some time at the Sindhudurg fort (one of the most peaceful moments of the trip).
  • Try the amba poli, kaju wadi and kokkam sharbat.
  • Don’t travel from Mumbai to Tarkarli by bus. The bus ride reminded me of Saif’s infamous truck ride in Dil Chahta Hai.
  • Do not expect it to be Goa, it is NOT and neither it should be. Go there if you love nature and not parties.

PS: Dedicated to the four of YOU!


One thought on “The Unexplored

    Kshitij Gupta said:
    April 14, 2012 at 3:53 pm

    Looks like you had an adventure worth a zillion words!!! but in a nut shell “Its not about the place that you go or the scenic beauty for that matter, rather its the thought that brought you to that place and the experience that you take with you which makes you what you are as a person”

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