CCAP – As an Alternative to MBA- A CCAPian’s Perspective

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CCAP – As an Alternative to MBA- A CCAPian’s Perspective

-Kshitij Gupta (CCAP – V, GAC)

Is CCAP better than MBA or is it comparable to the traditional MBA offered by institutes throughout India? Basic predominant questions – looming – in almost every aspirants mind who comes to know about this course. Hence, first and for most as a CCAPian I must re-enforce one fact- CCAP in its design is altogether different!! In essence it is industry oriented and fully focused on hardcore financial engineering or broadly Finance.

Is CCAP an alternative to MBA, the issue is debatable to not just an aspirant but for pursuant as well. But one thing that all present and past pursuant of CCAP would unanimously affirm that it is better suited for those who would want to try their hand in understanding the technicality of Finance and application of the same in real market scenario (“that’s where on job exposure comes in handy!!”) from industry practitioners and experienced faculty.

An MBA in finance will be more focused on imparting knowledge that acts as gateway to understanding Finance as compared to in-depth coverage of Finance during CCAP. This comes from the fact that my friends who pursued MBA from top institutes of the country were amazed to see the rigorous course outline of CCAP and methodology of instruction.

One thing that I must reiterate is that CCAP is more concerned with practical learning that requires one to fully grasp the theoretical concepts, apply it and hence, gains experiential knowledge that would last for an eternity.

Nevertheless, the best part about being in this course is to get to learn from individuals of industry who give an altogether new and candid perspective of the most difficult of topics that under normal circumstances would be totally flat.

When I mention candid and new perspective I am referring to the amazing “Theatrical” modes that the Professionals and Trainers employ while teaching us. Alas! I can assure you one thing you would never sleep even unconsciously in lectures. Because they are full of ACTION!

As in words of Sir John Lubbock- “What we see depends mainly on what we look for” – my perspective of CCAP is in totality a culmination of my interest and aspirations in the Finance Industry. Maybe I am biased or as some would feel that I am blinded by my own aspirations and limited understanding of facts of industry – to that my response would be in the words of German Philosopher Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche “There are no facts, only interpretations”.

So, what’s your interpretation?


One thought on “CCAP – As an Alternative to MBA- A CCAPian’s Perspective

    A fellow CCAPian said:
    May 2, 2012 at 7:36 pm

    Nice read. But I don’t agree with one statement “you would never sleep even unconsciously in lectures”. because most of us generally do during those boring lectures

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