Eyes in the Examination

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Eyes in the Examination

                                                                                                                                                               – Kumar Pranav, Crisil Fund Research

Ever thought what lies in the examination hall beyond the question paper and your answer sheet?

There are different varieties of eyes that make the true soul of the examination hall. Really; it is not a place so dull and boring or scary! Put down your pen for a while and have a look around the hall.

The first type of eyes that you will notice are the vagabonds, well give credits to these eyes because these are the eyes who can be the1

best narrators of the examination scene ;) These eyes are fabulous communicators they can do all sorts of talking. Look around, and in examination hall of 100 and you will find at least 20 pairs of vagabond eyes. They give you a smile and with a raised eyebrow they ask you, “Well, how’s it going?” and your eyes will reply “I don’t know, maybe I am screwed, what about you”, “Same here”; the eyes smile back at each other and continue wandering about in the wilderness.

Then there is this second type of eyes, whom you will never be able to see during the three long doomed hours 2of the examination,

they are the bonded slaves of the answer sheet. They lie under a spell, which makes them glued to their answer sheet with a bond so strong that Fevicol would love to have them as their brand ambassadors. Their spell begins with the distribution of question paper and ends only when they submit their answer sheets. Poor souls, they miss out all the beauty that the nature has bestowed upon us, we should have our sympathies for them.

You carry on with your stroll, and you will stumble across the busy bee eyes, these are another set of eyes that will rarely look at you,3 not because they are slaves of their papers, but rather they are too busy in the pursuit of wisdom. Even if your eyes have chance to

meet these busy bees, you won’t get a customary greeting, rather there will be a volley of questions thrown at you, and if you do not have the answers they will leave you alone and move ahead. They glance around straining their pupils, to catch a glimpse of a golden word from the sheets around them, one word and they are a step away from the curse of repeating the paper again. These eyes have a sight so powerful that they can even tell you the gender of a fly high up in the sky!

4Finally you come across the scanners. These eyes remain stuck on the invigilator, and the eyeballs just move along with him, and just

as they have the rear of the invigilator in sight, the focus flips to the palm or inside a calculator or below the answer sheet where lies, a fountain of knowledge (read chits). But these eyes bear a burden to be really crafty, a single blip and they have nothing but darkness to see! These eyes are so pressed under the heavy burden that they will never look at you, they are always afraid.

I do not want to judge between what is right or wrong, ethical or unethical, I just want to say enjoy the moments when you are sitting in these halls, you never know when you get a chance to be in the examination halls later in your lives, but these memories will always last in your minds. Enjoy the examinations.


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