Your Obsession with Dilli!!

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Your Obsession with Dilli

                                                                                                                                                               – Namit Chugh, Crisil Risk and Advisory Solution

“They are Snobbish, Self-centered, Arrogant, Pompous and Materialistic to the core.” This is what a colleague told me recently about Delhiites, and more specifically about Punjabis belonging to Delhi. I am one of them. “They judge everyone, including loved ones, by wealth, power, attitude and appearance. And this makes them pitiable and despicable, both.” This is what she added. And my reaction to her statements was uncontrollable laughter. She is a Tamil colleague from Chennai.

“You guys are very aggressive. I have stayed in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. But my worst experiences were in Delhi, which forced me to switch jobs and places.” This has also been told to me very recently by a Malayali colleague from Kerala. “You guys use the b**** word in almost every statement”, he added. My reaction again was laughter. And this time, it was all the more funny because I could relate to it. I don’t know about anyone else in Delhi, but I use the prohibited b**** word a lot.

“You guys don’t have professionalism.” That’s another recent word of appreciation I have heard. These remarks about my “category of people” do make a lot of sense to me. Some of them are true as well. But the people who have quoted them seem to be judgemental and opinionated. I didn’t say anything in my defense after hearing all this. I just didn’t feel the need to. Or maybe I was just being snobbish! I am not denying the fact that using ABUSIVE language is a part of our culture. It’s in Delhi’s air; no kid has ever grown without learning the choicest of words. But we hardly mean ill even when we abuse. It’s all in good humor.

I am not denying that POWER means a lot. Everyone in the Rajdhani has contacts with a Neta or a Babu. But then that’s why LinkedIn exists, to add contacts. It’s just that people in Delhi are more comfortable having cell phone contacts, than online. We are slightly conservative and traditional in approach.

The crime rate in Delhi is amongst the highest in India. No denial again. But does that mean every Delhiite is a criminal? Talking of crime, Jessica Lal was murdered by a couple of influential people in a bar in Delhi. There were witnesses from Mumbai as well at the crime location, who never testified against the murderers. But I am not judging Mumbai by actions of a few people. Eventually who got justice for Jessica- the people of my city. We marched at India Gate, we protested, we fought, we went against the powerful politicos, we won. The DELHIITES!

Bollywood belongs to Mumbai. But how many Bollywood movies portray characters from Bombay? On the contrary, everyone is so obsessed with the Delhi Punjabi sir names for character portrayals- Rahul Khanna, Raj Malhotra, and so on.

Delhi weddings are the best examples of show-off and extravaganza. But if somebody has the money to waste, why shouldn’t he? People from Kerala spend a lot on gold at weddings, but that’s none of my business, is it?

I can go on pointing what I like and dislike about people and places. But I am not judging any one of you based on your religion, background or any distinguishable feature whatsoever. And I expect the same. But I still forgive YOU all; for speaking ill of my city and my people because that’s how we are! And that’s why they say- Dilli dilwalo ki :-)


One thought on “Your Obsession with Dilli!!

    Kapil Babbar said:
    March 2, 2013 at 10:57 pm

    Totally agree….very well written :)

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