Life @ 10 Grand!

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Life @ 10 Grand!

– Kshitij Gupta,  CRISIL -GAC
CCAP Batch V

Interview time. Sweaty Palms. Shifting in seat.

Here comes the question – “Will you be able to manage with just about Rs. 10 thousand in Mumbai?”… and all hell breaks loose. How? Read on.

Well, for starters, one would definitely answer the question in either of the two predictable ways – and when I say predictable, yes, the interviewing panel has heard all the answers that could be conjured. The first way is to give one of the oldest, pre-rehearsed answers. The second is the impromptu answer that one would come up with, thinking on one’s feet, to buttress that one’s originality. I took the second route. And here I am writing this entry as a “CCAPian” (but that does not explicitly mean that the first option is not viable, maybe I got lucky!)

I answered this question in four or five lines giving past and present examples. Looking back, I’d simply sum my answer in  accounting terms as – conservative accounting!

Well, if you are new to the lingo and interested in finance, this term is an interesting read as it is philosophical yet practical. Of course, I speak only for myself. This may not be true for others.

“Conservatively”, I am able to manage expenses with the amount in question. But then there is always a counter what my definition of conservatism is exactly when it comes to spending. Let me give you a broader picture and then I will leave it to you to decide.

So, typically, you have to find accommodation for yourself if you are not from Mumbai. This, by the way is the easiest thing to do; because all you have to do is choose who you want to live with, and then comes where (normally CCAPians would say – Right, it’s just that easy!)

As your life with 10 Grands kick starts, bills would slowly start piling up – salaries of maids, society charges, monthly rent, food and TGIF bills (Thank God it’s Friday Bills –read weekend; specially for those who love glitterati or are victims of the femme fatale – you know what I mean!). And then there are occasional medical bills which will make you feel weaker than the ailment did.

Yes, all this in 10 Grand. You’d think I have gone crazy but this is the truth. And we, the CCAPians, are living proof. I mean, you can manage all this with the sum in question but to do so you have to have a definitive understanding of “conservative yet smart” – something else CCAP taught me, through practice.


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