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I stand here with a wish to decide.
The path to follow and the road to ride
Diverging to two, the road makes me flow
I try to foresee, how far does it go?
Alike are the two, with no material difference.
Which one to select, to compel the distance.

Are both of them wrong, or is any one right?
Enhanced  the distance while i had this fight.
I looked once again and tried to compare.
Noted the difference, difference which was rare.
While one was opted & masses had taken
The other stood solitary, lonely, to be maiden.

Will I be suffering if I choose the wrong
Should i make a move, or decide to stay strong.

Follow the dream, take a step at a time
Don’t be afraid, continue to climb.
Follow the dream, through the wrong and right..
Stumble a bit, but don’t stop giving the fight.
Just go through the fire and you’ll come out bright.

Trust the instinct, just go ahead with heart.
Climb the ladder, let your brain be smart.
Follow the dream, don’t you tear it.
Problems will come, but don’t you fear it.
Give your best shot, aim and achieve.
Everything is possible, only if you believe.
I-m-possible, only if you believe.

By Akanksha Bijalwan

CCAP Batch -VI


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