“What is Analytics?” From the Diary of a CCAPian

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“Analytics is the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data”

The statement above gives the striking big picture definition of a nearly $150 billion industry. Keywords are big and billion, then why this craze of “analyzing” those “small chunks” of data! Well this small chunk can be as small as a single digit number or even a single word uttered in a sentence. Most importantly the capability of analysis of “small chunk” of data to affect human civilization can be envisaged from the events that have occurred in history and in the recent past; in short, effects comparable to an atomic bomb without fire and radiation off course!

As a tool it has been employed in war-fare, to develop an in-depth understanding of economies and broadly to understand any function that can generate data. So, if what I wrote is accurate then as a possibility we can say that if there was no data hence, absolutely no analytics.
Hypothetically non existence of data may have been a comforting situation considering the effects of analytics being compared to an atomic bomb! But in reality Mother Nature created life when she was at her perfectionist best which means that every single living and non-living thing will generate data, either constructive or destructive.
From the amazing Pi ratio and the single digit number zero whose value if quantified can be as astonishing “as finding life on Mars.” Everything is data and humans have spent their entire life to create a methodical approach to understand and communicate meaningful patterns from data. So to wish for data to be non-existent may hurt the sentiments of those processing it and I would present my apologies but on the other hand being a part of those people I myself sometimes wish from a corner of my mind and not my heart – “if there have been a world without data, our lives have been so easy.” The irony here is that mere analysis of data creates more data which in turn is analyzed resulting into more information!!!
Therefore, the real question is the origination of the word “analysis” and that too of a single piece of information which apparently resulted into an industry employing brightest of brains and attracting billions of dollars. Anyways, what I would like you to contemplate on are the words by American novelist and writer Henry Miller – “Analysis brings no curative powers in its train; it merely makes us conscious of the existence of an evil, which, oddly enough, is consciousness.”
– By Kshitij Gupta


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