My CCAP Experience – Mahima Maheshwari

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– Mahima Maheshwari , CCAP Batch V,
Global Analytical Centre

Looking back at 2 years of being a CCAPian (read… ‘at college and at work’ ), I have witnessed a progressive change in my work environment at GAC which has also positively influenced me as an individual.

For the uninitiated, GAC stands for Global Analytical Centre, and it is one of the business units at CRISIL that absorbs CCAPians in large numbers every year. Whenever one joins GAC, one realises that there is at least one present or former CCAPian per team,which in turn, is absolute bliss since that person often turns out to be your saviour/mentor/guide.

CCAPians have evolved to become an integral part of GAC, from being ‘resources for support on basic tasks’, to becoming ‘important and responsible members handling high-end analytical tasks’. However, the transition is not as direct as it seems. It frequently entails 10-12 hour work days, following New York time/GMT more than our own IST, and spending more time in understanding US Markets than the time spent reading our favourite novels.

One of the most critical experiences for me has been my interaction with the S&P analyst, which was quite unusual to me at the beginning (because of the differences in the accent and work culture). However, it is now something I look forward to as I get an opportunity to put forth my views in rating committees and interact with the analyst on a one-to-one basis, thereby enhancing my knowledge about the sector.

To sum it up, GAC has an army of CCAPians who are recognised not only at CRISIL, but also at S&P for their commitment towards the timely execution of assignments, high quality standards and analytical abilities even as a CCAP intern.


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