My CCAP Experience – Rishabh Mehra

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rishabh mehra

– Rishabh Mehra, CCAP Batch VI
CRISIL Risk Solutions

Being a fresher and absolutely clueless about the responsibility that would be placed on my shoulders, I entered the Risk bay at 9.30 am sharp on September 21, 2012. On the very first day, graduates of previous batches of CCAP gave brief descriptions of the different products CRISIL Risk Solution offers its clients. After being assigned to a team, I began to understand the intricacies of credit risk and started assisting a team member in end-to-end deployment of the software, which helps the client comply with the Basel guidelines and the RBI guidelines. My work profile comprises providing detailed understanding to the client about the product, conducting training sessions for end users and resolving any qualms faced by the client comprises. The learning has been happening at an exemplary pace, followed by regular growth in roles and responsibilities.

We are lucky to learn the concepts of finance from such knowledgeable speakers from top B-schools. The lectures are very interesting and the faculty keeps you on your toes with surprise quizzes and strict deadlines for assignments. This course does demand a lot of dedication and hard work. Coming from an engineering background, there were teething problems initially, but as the course progressed, concepts became clearer. We got the opportunity to start applying the theories taught in lectures to real life, which worked beautifully in helping us understand the concept thoroughly.

So far, CCAP has been a very nice experience. With one of the best finance curriculums I’ve seen, taught by a mix of expert academicians and experienced domain practitioners, CCAP is akin to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


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