My CCAP Experience – Vaibhav Talwar

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– Vaibhav Talwar, CCAP Batch VI
CRISIL – Research

Though I was pursuing graduation in Electrical Engineering, I always wanted to join a financial services company. In addition, I wanted to gather some work experience before doing an MBA. CCAP gave me the opportunity to work and study finance at same time. Before coming to CRISIL, I had no idea about the kind of work done here. In due course, I was assigned to the Research business unit. Many people who don’t know much about the financial sector often confuse Research with Research & Development. My parents still ask me what R&D I do!

But research is different because it provides a user with useful information after analysing large volumes of data, information, indicators, etc. in the form of reports, presentation, software and other means of communication. Research reports may be generic, like industry reports, which go to a variety of users, helping them create their own reports for a particular company in the industry. Other reports may be customised for the end user. I work in the Funds & Fixed Income team, which does a range of work including Bond Valuation, Mutual Fund ranking and maintaining a number of indices for debt market.

My team checks the credit quality of portfolios for large Corporate Treasuries and also helps EPFO, India’s largest pension fund, to manage its fund managers. Besides the regular assignments, we also solve clients’ queries. Sometimes queries are quite difficult to solve. However, through rigorous analytics and hard work, we are able to answer even the most daunting questions. That is why clients appreciate our work quite frequently. By the way, hard work does mean working late hours in the office. Another drawback of working with large volumes of data is that you have to spend hours on Excel sheets, arranging the data according to your requirements.

The most amazing part about CRISIL is its people and work culture. It is one of the few organizations with zero politics. People are always ready to help you. And being a CCAPian is advantageous since you are given time to learn on the job, and that too, from the best in the business. Most professors have rich industry experience and knowledge about their respective subjects. Apart from working hard and learning a lot of new things, you will also make lifelong friends with fellow CCAPians who will help you make the most of this challenging journey.


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