My CCAP Experience – Deepak Joshi

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– Deepak Joshi, CCAP Batch V
CRISIL – Risk Solutions

Having gotten the chance to work for one of the most trusted companies in India’s financial markets, I felt a strong sense of achievement. Accompanying that, there was also a feeling of fear. I was doing away with all my experience of three years in Human Resources. My parents were happy for me, but my friends wanted me to stay. And so I started my journey from one capital city to another on June 9th 2011 with mixed feelings in my mind.

Initial Days:

The early days were pretty easy. I got placed in the Research Business Unit (BU), where I was hoping to continue. But after spending about 45 days there, the CRISIL HR people concluded that I was more suited to CRISIL Risk Solutions. Of course, I protested, but all in vain. Along with a batch mate (who was also in Research), I was asked to report to CRISIL Risk Solutions.

To prepare, I was asked to read a good number of manuals and guidelines. I was told that the person you report to will come to you and ask any random questions from the material you have been (or are supposed to be) reading.

Days passed, and it took a bit longer than usual for me to actually understand why I was in Risk Solutions. The job involved lots of testing, understanding the RBI and other Banking guidelines, demos after demos and sometimes, extensive travelling.

And now:

Over time, things got organised. A full-fledged clientele was assigned to me and I started handling the work with greater ease. Later, I realised that had I continued working for my previous BU, I may not have got the opportunities that CRISIL Risk Solutions has provided me.

You start understanding the various things that drive Risk Management at banks – Credit Risk, Operation Risk, Capital requirement. Not only do you get an overview of Risk Management; you also get to know the various reporting requirements for a bank.

It’s a good sign that more people are being recruited by CRISIL Risk Solutions. Even more important is that CCAPians are now driving the Risk Solutions team. Currently, 10 CCAPians work in the team — double the size of the team that existed three years ago.


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