My CCAP Experience – Shashank Upadhyay

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– Shashank Upadhyay, CCAP Batch V

If you are eager to broaden your mind by analysing markets and companies across the globe, then CRISIL GR&A is the place for you. Working for GR&A gives you an opportunity to work for 12 out of 15 top global investment banks and support 150 leading analysts across several big brand firms and banks. GR&A’s ability for deliver cutting-edge analysis, opinions and solutions differentiates it from its competitors. With coverage of 2000 global stocks, our research covers a whopping 88% of the global market capitalisation.

Being a CCAPian, you get ample opportunities to explore your skills under an experienced mentor. This is the only business unit I know, where making mistakes is not frowned upon, provided you learn from them. Your peers and team keep you motivated at all times.

But the best thing about GR&A is that people here are open to suggestions and opinions. I would not have learned my CCAP concepts well if I hadn’t been given the freedom and time to apply them at work. As part of the second batch integrated into GR&A, sometimes things tend to be quite random — others might call it ‘unstructured’ — but I’d say this is the best thing for a CCAPian. You are not ruled by processes and work; you can go to your manager and figure out the most productive way to work.

Welcome to GR&A — a supportive and flexible team.


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