Preparing for the GD/PI – Jithu Chandran

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jithu chandran

– Jithu Chandran, Mumbai

Location: Mumbai

GD Topic: India as you imagine in 2020

So it went like this:

Since the topic was related to the Indian economy, and since almost all the participants in the Group Discussion had memorised the past few days’ issues of The Economics Times, most of them shared a lot of facts and numbers as soon as they got the chance to speak. However, what I observed was that very few of them were able to analyse the facts and come to a conclusion on how India would be positioned in 2020 and their reasoning for it – which was the topic of the GD.

Some of the participants dominated the discussion and did not allow others to speak. They were asked to step out of the GD by the moderators towards the second half of the discussion. I believe this rule will be followed for this year’s GD too.

In the end, it was the people who made logical arguments and had really good points to share, who were selected.

The Personal Interview:

The Personal Interview was very straightforward. I was asked to explain my previous work experience in detail, my reasons for choosing CCAP and my expectations from it, my future plans, my biggest weaknesses, etc. I was also asked my academic subject of interest and some basic questions on calculus, since I hinted engineering that I was interested in subjects like electromagnetics and microwaves (which involves a lot of calculus).

Tips for you:

My advice for those who want to crack the GD is to stay calm and be sure of your points. If you are confident, you can initiate the discussion. Use a strategy of coming into the discussion at regular intervals, making your points and then withdrawing, instead of talking continuously. By doing, you will draw the maximum attention of the other participants towards you as you begin to speak.

My advice for the interview is: keep it simple and don’t try to portray what you are not. Concentrate a lot on your strengths, no matter how insignificant they may seem (don’t worry if you cannot find any such strengths, you just have one question less to answer ). Don’t do excessive preparation, but just keep the answers to basic questions like, ‘why CCAP?’ and your future plans, ready in your mind.

Leave the rest to God, and just chill and enjoy the interview. All the best!


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