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swati gupta

– Swati Gupta, Kolkata
CRISIL – Ratings

Location: Kolkata

My GD topic: Would business leaders make better finance ministers?

So it went like this:

There were nine of us in the Group Discussion (GD) session and only one judge on the panel. We were asked if there was any particular topic we wanted to talk about. When none of us responded, the judge gave us a topic of his choice. The topic was being widely debated in the media at that point of time and those who read the newspaper regularly would not be short on content.

In the beginning, we behaved in a disciplined manner and four of us spoke one after the other, stating our views, making our points and listening to others speak. But after about ten minutes, when the major points had been made and the others realised that if they didn’t participate, then they might never get the chance to speak, everyone jumped in and started speaking at once. From that point, the discussion descended into chaos. After a few minutes of this, the panel called for peace. The discussion ended and the names of those selected for the Personal Interview (PI) round were called out. Five of us from the initial nine got selected for the PI.

The PI:

For the PI, there are some usual questions one needs to prepare for, such as ‘tell us about yourself’, ‘how would you survive on a stipend of Rs.10,000 in a city like Mumbai’, ‘which business unit would you like to be a part of and why’, and the like.

Also, questions related to the educational background of candidates are asked. I come from a commerce background and was asked about journal entries. The interviewers are basically looking for people with analytical, reasoning and good communication skills, and that’s what you need to showcase well.

Tips for you:

Stay cool. Read the newspapers regularly. Be well-versed in current affairs. For the GD, make your point and then try not to add to the noise. Don’t wait till the end to speak; just take your chance and talk.

As far as the PI is concerned, remember that you are at the centre of the discussion. So first prepare for all the questions that could be asked about you, your interests, hobbies, family background, etc. Then brush up on current affairs and simple finance questions too.

Best of luck. Just go and enjoy yourself out there. That way, you will perform well.


2 thoughts on “Preparing for the GD/PI – Swati Gupta

    ANKIT PATEL said:
    April 1, 2013 at 9:36 am

    as I am from engg background i want to know it in detail…

      tanvi90 responded:
      April 1, 2013 at 4:04 pm

      Hi Ankit.

      I didn’t follow your question. What exactly are you looking for?

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