Preparing for the GD/PI – Devanshi Mankodi

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-Devanshi Mankodi, Mumbai
CRISIL – Risk Solutions

Location: Mumbai

My GD Topic: Reservation for women in the Indian Parliament

So it went like this:

Getting the chance to voice my views on such a contentious subject, and that too, as part of the selection process for a course like CCAP, was a dream come true. There were 10 people in my group discussion (GD),and a panel comprising three judges. Generally, GDs get extremely noisy and chaotic the moment the topic is assigned. Fortunately, our group was a very calm and composed one, and people actually allowed each other to speak without interrupting.

We were given five minutes to jot down our points before the GD started. The first opinion put across was that the reservation for women in Parliament should be purely on the basis of merit because men and women enjoy equal status in society today. While I agreed with this statement, I pointed out that many people still believe that the role of women in our society is to stay confined within the four walls of the house. I also stated that if a man is educated, an individual is educated; but if a woman is educated, the whole family is educated. Therefore, it is the mindset that has to be changed and nothing would be achieved by merely creating quotas for women in Parliament.

All the while, the panel members were gauging the strength of our arguments by listening intently to our views and carefully watching our gestures and expressions.Finally, we were asked to sum up our arguments and conclude, one by one.

The Personal Interview:

After the GD, we waited for the results for almost ten minutes, and then the HR coordinator announced the names of four people who were selected for the final round: thePersonal Interview (PI). Fortunately, I was one of the four selected participants, all of whom were women.

Now, our collective anxiety went up to the next level.

There were two interviewers, one from CRISIL’s HR team and the other from the business side. It started with a self-introduction, and a few questions about my degree and my topics of interest. I was asked what what I would look at while analyzing a company – a question I could handle well, thanks to the CRISIL website, which had taught me about the top-down approach.

I was asked basic questions such as ‘why CCAP over a general MBA?’ Also, as I had mentioned my rank in the Chemistry Olympiad (which I had appeared for 5 years ago), I was asked that what an aromatic compound meant. That, for me, was the least expected question from a finance professional!

Tips for you:

The first thing to remember is, don’t bluff on your CV. Be sure of whatever you claim to be. Next, keep yourself calm and composed during the GD and PI. Some people have a tendency put forth their points in a dominating way, which creates chaos and is not appreciated by the panel members. Also, please go through the CRISIL website, it really helps. So, all the very best and do crack the test!


One thought on “Preparing for the GD/PI – Devanshi Mankodi

    rahuldaga89 said:
    April 1, 2013 at 4:59 pm

    I liked the tiny but important details you shared for example the chemistry question. Today only, i read the article in ET Wealth about candidates lying on resume/CV. Anyway, I need not worry about that for obvious reason. Seniors keep posting. :)

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