Preparing for the GD/PI – Kriti Kapur

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kriti kapur

– Kriti Kapur, Delhi
CRISIL – Ratings

Location: Delhi

My GD topic:

1. ‘Vote at 18, Marriage at 21. Your views’.
2. ‘Advertisements and their impact on children’

So it went like this:

Since all the participants were fairly acquainted with the first topic, i.e. ‘Vote at 18, Marriage at 21. Your views’, most of them had made their minds up about it at the very start. While their statements were rather emotional, they lacked analytical substance. The main argument was that the institution of marriage demands greater maturity on the part of the breadwinner (in this case, the male counterpart) and therefore, it makes sense to marry at 21. Some participants also spoke at length on how men mature later than women, and how marriage as a responsibility cannot be equated to voting. The discussion continued with everyone oblivious to the fact that assigning a higher age limit to marriage overstates its importance and undermines the sanctity of the voting process. What I felt personally was that a topic like this demanded a fair comparison between marriage and the process of voting, and should have logically been concluded with compelling reasons to stick to the status quo or to deviate from the same.

When the moderators failed to get the desired responses, they provided us with another topic (‘Advertisements and their impact on children’). This time, the participants fashioned their arguments in a better manner. For instance, we talked about advertising as a medium of communication and why children and adults are put into different consumer groups for marketers.

The Personal Interview:

During the personal interview, the interviewers asked general questions about me, my educational background, my keenness to take up the programme, my willingness to shift to Mumbai, my views about a traditional MBA versus the CCAP programme and the pros and cons of going with CCAP. Additionally, I was also asked to justify my choice of business unit.

To seal the interview, I was asked to clear any doubts I had with respect to the programme or any of its aspects. Since I was curious about prospects outside of CRISIL and the kind of job profiles suitable for me post completion of my CCAP programme, I asked the panel the same.

Tips for you:

The most appropriate tip for tackling the GD would be to take a simple argument, break it up into smaller points, and logically conclude each one, rather than coming up with a complex one.

For the interview, I would just say, be yourself and don’t play the ‘ideal candidate’. The interviewers are far too experienced to fall for such tricks.


One thought on “Preparing for the GD/PI – Kriti Kapur

    rahuldaga89 said:
    April 2, 2013 at 5:36 pm

    With every experience being shared here, this is now obvious that GD part can go in any fashion. Like in one they offered the group to choose the topic , in another they kicked out some over-dominating members and in this one they , not satisfied, changed the topic.
    So excited I am that each and every word I read these days seems to be a topic-to-be in my GD. :P Fingers crossed.

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