GD/PI Interview Series : With Akanksha & Poorna

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akanksha bijalwan– With Akanksha Bijalwan, CRISIL – SME Ratings,  Location : Delhi

Q – Tell me something about yourself.

A – I was born in Dehradun, brought up in Delhi, and did my graduation from Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies. I did my Bachelor’s in Finance and Investment Analysis, and studied the major subjects of finance. I also interned with Office of Chief Investment Commissioner (Govt. of Uttarakhand), during which I got an insight into the working of public-private-partnerships. I have also been associated with some NGOs, from whom I learnt some very important lessons of life. After graduation, I applied to CCAP, which I’m currently pursuing.

Q – Was this the first time you appeared for an interview/GD?

A – Definitely not my first time! After a long-drawn placement session in college, I can proudly say that it was for the umpteenth time that I was appearing for a GD (and hoping to appear for the interview). The GDs that I have faced previously have ranged from abstract topics like ‘Numero Uno’ and ‘Behind the Blue Eyes’, to topics such as ‘Films are corrupting the youth’ and ‘Advertising: Just a glitter’. I’ve been in discussions where everybody wants to speak, and also those where no one does (‘Thermodynamics and the Carnot cycle’, given for discussion to commerce students for a finance profile).

The same goes for interviews. I’ve been through a lot of them, but I’m not sure I understand how exactly the interviewers gauge candidates. Some interviews focused on my weaknesses and strengths, while others were on my achievements, personality, etc. There’s so much in this world to know.

Q – So, how was your CCAP interview a stressful interview or a calm one?

A – It was a calm one. It started with some basic questions about me, and then I was asked (or you can say grilled) on accountancy. The interview was focused on questions based on accountancy and finance. In the end I was asked if I knew the programme would be based in Mumbai and if my parents would allow me to relocate (given that I am a girl and an only child).


poorna– With Poorna Iyer, CRISIL – GR & A , Location : Delhi

Q – What’s the one thing every CCAP aspirant must remember during the GD/PI process?

A –  Every CCAP aspirant must remember to be eager for the job, show interest in and a flair for finance, and display humility towards the panel and their co-aspirants.

Q – How were those 10 minutes between the GD and the PI?

A – In my case, there were more than ten minutes of anxiety. The initial few minutes were excruciating, but after that, I collected my thoughts and pulled myself together. Also, a CCAP Batch III student came to speak to us. That helped a lot in understanding the structure of the system, and where we fit in.

Q  – What was the most memorable question in your PI?

A – I was asked to solve one math question. It was entirely logic-based. I’d say that even if you don’t arrive at the right answer, by thinking aloud, you give the other person an idea of your thought process. That helps them understand how your mind works.


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