Necessities for Survival

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Necessities for Survival – Akanksha Bijalwan

Most of us spend most part of our day in a cubicle.  For a lucky few, it may be a cabin. But, for all of us, a major challenge today is deriving job satisfaction out of staring at a screen. The workplace not only involves managing your day to day job, but also managing your boss, managing your colleagues, managing your ‘files and folders’ and managing your own self – it’s all now a part of your job. Congrats!

“The rules of survival never change, whether you’re in a desert or in an arena” said, Bear Grylls, the survival king. He says it’s always advisable to carry an Emergency Kit when you go camping to unexplored areas. That’s what I’ve tried to apply to my work life, always carry your Workplace Survival Kit.

Have a dream, but before that, have a vision:

Have a well defined target in place. Write it, quantify it, and identify what is going to help you achieve it. Your target every morning should be moving a step towards your dream. Develop the vision you need to see the dream, and grab a good sleep. But wake and start working towards it. “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step.” Martin Luther King.

Stay away from Jackals and Jackasses: they stall the dreams

In every organization, there are people who like to create carcasses and feed over them. There will always be Dementors, to suck life out of you. It’s your responsibility to dodge them or learn a Patronus spell.The key is, not to believe them just like that. Hear them, if you so necessarily have to – and then move on. Your positivity is what makes you soulful. Don’t let anything or anyone take away your spirit.

If the Jackal doesn’t get you, the snakes, crocodiles, spiders will: be ready with your tools

Your life is going to be surrounded by predators, better that you learn to tackle them. If you manage to escape the dream stealers, you might have an encounter soon with the dream destroyers. The snake sits right in your lap to poison your dream. All that you’ve been aiming to achieve will render useless. The crocodile with its jaw wide open will be right there, unnoticed, to swallow your ambition. The spiders will be spinning a web around it, trying to trap you.

Charm the snake with your communication skills; talk in a way that convinces the snake to let you control it. Effective communication is going to be your key. For the crocodile, be speedy. Be efficient and quick in your job. It may take a longer while for the croc to catch up. For spiders, see the bigger picture. It’s not roaming around you because it likes you, it’s spinning a web. Identify it before it traps you and as a pest control have good people around you. Choose your company wisely

Keep your ethics intact, they can’t be rebuilt

Never, ever and never compromise with the ethics. Everything in life comes after your ethical values. There is no point in being successful, rich, famous or anything if your ethics are not strong enough to  find followers.

If you find yourself in a sand storm, try not to be emotional.

Always keep your calm. “Keep calm and do your Kaam”. Also, you might not be able to pull yourself out of a sandstorm on your own; it could last for ages, so calm down and call for help. Anyday you lose your patience in the middle of a storm, the sand won’t give you a second chance to rise up. It’s the toughest of the deserts that has the sweetest of an oasis. Always maintain a balance between your emotions. Be patient but don’t be inactive. Be aggressive but don’t be wild.

Nothing to eat? Maybe you should hunt for meat.

When you find nothing to eat in the fridge, it’s time to go hunting. Always keep looking for opportunities. The one chance you miss out on just might be the golden one. In this competitive world, everyone’s hunting for a deer; find your flesh as quick as possible.

Fire is what will keep you alive

Fire: it scares away animals, keeps you warm and cooks your meal. Don’t let the fire inside you go cold. Always keep the spark alive, a lot is yet to come. This fire to achieve what you want will make you put the extra effort to achieve that extra mile.

Your team makes you the team leader

There cannot be a team leader without a team. Always keep your team close to your brain and heart. A team will always supersede over an individual. Be the team player first and team leader later.

When in deep shit, keep your mouth shut

Keeping your mouth shut is as important as communication. It is actually a part of effective communication. People screw up often, but when you have, shut up and don’t try to defend it. When in trouble, your tongue is what will get you out of it and your tongue is what will draw you deeper in. it’s the sharpest tool available with you. Use it efficiently.

Be the change you want to see in the world

If you want people to treat you well, treat them well. If you want quality work, give them better quality work. If you want people to appreciate you, appreciate them. There are no free lunches in finance.


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