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Panorama (By Apurva Rastogi)

Be awake not just alive,

Be a seeker so put the dive,

Life is ruthless, make sure you strive,

World is a stage where only the fittest shall survive, should thrive.

Yesterday was the past,

Laugh is for the winner who last,

Some experiences might leave you aghast,

Nevertheless all you need to do is never look back and walk fast.

A lie uttered is a step back,

Like dust laden books on the window rack,

A truth might bring you closer to the pack,

So be real, stay positive and avoid the lag.

Choice is freedom,

Dullness is boredom,

And since it doesn’t take a day to build any kingdom,

You are surely not going to be counted among the random.

Let there be light,

For the thought itself demands grit and fight,

Human heart has the potential to cover up for the plight,

But only the brave heart knows how to be humble and make delight.

Eyes should never lose their smile,

Moments should never fail to miss a mile,

Beauty of an expression lies solely in its guile,

Time is forever precious so keep calm and be agile.

Learning is life long,

Wise and impartial can never go wrong,

“Commitment and Selflessness” is the new song,

So just pull up your socks and be strong.

Child is innocent,

No man is born to be a peasant,

Disrespecting a woman is poignant,

Being a gentleman, sounds clichéd but is still determinant.

Quintessential is love to life.

Ubiquitously maintaining its strife,

Judgmental may be the person who slit it with a knife,

But the world remains beautiful in its afterlife.

Passion is the soul driving any art,

Forgiveness is the bread that feeds the missing part,

Holding hands, to never let go, if the axle misses the wheel of the cart,

Life is a journey, sometimes bright, sometimes dark.


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