The CCAP Journey

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Ashutosh Pathak, a CCAPian, talks about his CCAP journey.


How was your CCAP experience?

CCAP has been an enriching experience. The biggest positive for me is that it has enabled me to move into Finance from IT.


What are your 3 takeaways from the course?

#1) Developing an acute interest in Finance.

#2) Enhanced skill set.

#3) Unforgettable memories of the good times shared with friends.


Most challenging task you have faced in CRISIL? And how did you overcome this challenge?

The most challenging task that I faced was meeting client expectations with limited resources and a tight deadline. Skills like prioritization, understanding our strengths and capabilities and accordingly managing client expectation proved instrumental in successfully overcoming this challenge.


Message for aspiring CCAPians….

CCAP is a great opportunity to switch into Finance for working professionals in other industries, and offers attractive ROI for both freshers and working professionals alike. However, I’d suggest aspirants that a good understanding of ‘why Finance’ would prove immensely useful in pursuit of this rigorous course.


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