Success at the end of the tunnel isn’t bright enough.

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Success at the end of the tunnel isn’t bright enough. (BY Akanksha Bijalwan)

“Success: a level of social status, achievement of a goal, the opposite of failure” ~ Wikipedia

“Success means I’m at liberty to help others reach THEIR success, instead of worrying about my own.”

~Chris Brogan

All of us want to succeed in life; all of us want to experience the sense of achievement, the sense of

accomplishment, of reaching where we want to. But somewhere in the transit we overlook, that success

may not be the destination we want to reach, but may be the journey that we encompass for it.

We all have a very rough idea of what we want to achieve, and, people don’t have a stereotypic thinking

anymore. It’s not anymore about having a 9 to 5 job or working in a bank anymore. People are going for

entrepreneurship and for radical career choices like tattoo making, belly dancing, wedding photography,

animation and what not. We are so not willing to follow the old school definitions of success.

That is to say, many men and women (and for that matter, we) have a definition of success and are

already redefining it in our own ways. The emerging ideals include making significant, visible impact

through one’s work anywhere it finds its importance, a workplace that ropes people’s continuous

contributions, or growth and expansion of their capabilities and creative offerings.

If you think of somebody, who in your eyes has achieved success, who would it be? Could be Abraham

Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi maybe, David Beckham for some, Marilyn Monroe for her vivaciousness,

Sylvester Stallone, the dictators Benito Mussolini (1935) and Adolf Hitler (1939), and Joseph Stalin (1945,

1948) who were all nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, Victoria Beckham, Agatha Christie, Bradley

Cooper and could even be a character like Harry Potter (yeah, the magic boy) or Alice (the one in

wonderland). But then step back, and see, what you admire in them; their achievements or their

journey. What was achieved by them has little significance, when compared with the way in which it was

achieved. One thing common – they never gave up. Isn’t it easy to give up and deviate? But why take the

easy route? I don’t profess one to believe in “Every time god closes a door, he opens up a window” but

why not believe in “Dear god, close every possible door, am here to make way for my own”. Why not go

to an extent of challenging our own selves. Yes, I know I might not be able to succeed but why not try? I

might fail if I go ahead, but am definitely a failure if I don’t try. Remember – Never be afraid of failure,

take a risk. If you succeed you could be a leader, if you fail you could be a guide to others.

If you come across lemons, make lemonade. If you find cacti in your way, vend it in a desert. Expect

something unexpected, coz that will make you find opportunities in problems. Somebody once asked

how can one not be afraid to fail? You can’t and you don’t have to. That fear makes you work towards

success. Fear is what kept you going, what will keep you going and what keeps you living. The point is to

fight back the fear and win over it.

A lot will come in your way. People, situations, morals and even your own self will try to distract you. A

simple question in your head asking ‘Do I really deserve this?’ and ‘Am I on the right path?’ will give you

the audacity to change the course of your destination. At times you would need to step back and answer

these but that doesn’t mean end of the road. Stop by, have a Chai and proceed. Such questions do make

you rethink about the very purpose of life, but they also push you to a level where you can mould your

life in whatever shape you want.

All this is not something one can teach you or define for you. One cannot even give an achievement

ballpark figure for measurement. Even if one does, you won’t be convinced no matter how nicely you

nod in agreement. It’s basic human tendency to doubt statements given by others (even if they are

quoted by the ones who brought you in this world). And, I say, it’s fine. Doubt it. But don’t leave the

doubt there. Go on a treasure hunt, like ‘they’ say “Discover, yourself”. Evaluate what you want, take

guidance, tell your definition to them and see what they have to add. Why aim for the moon? Aim for

the sun (but don’t burn yourself, just use a bit extra sunscreen!!)

As the first ray of sunshine you see, “Am I focused enough? Will this make my journey worth? Create

conditions for yourself that benefit you, if not now, in future. To quotes Danny Wallace, “The only time

you have no opportunities is when you decide to stop taking them.”

So to end the crap as one might feel, pack your bags, hold on to the steering, fasten your seat belts and

get going. There is no two way about it.


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