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Hey all,

We know that all of you must have started your preparations for the GD/PI. Below is an excerpt of the same to help you in some small way through your journey.


As the date for GD/PI came nearer, my honest scouring of the different websites/ pages dedicated to CCAPians and the chronicling of their experiences began. Soon enough, I was the mass consumer of different GD/ PI experiences. So, here is my experience for anyone who’s looking out for the same.

The group/ batch I was a part of was the first one from Delhi. After the preliminary introductions, we were all impatient (& simultaneously scared) for the rendezvous to begin. The topic we got was “Has the current government done enough for the country’s infrastructure?” After an initial hitch when one of us asked the group to take turns for putting forth our points, the GD went on smoothly. Then came the turn of results for the GD. Half of us were eliminated in this first round. The co-ordinators took our names one by one for interview process. I faced two interviewers (some faced three). The questions they posed to me were mostly scenario based questions: “If you get Rs.x from your client, in which all sectors/stocks/units would you invest and why?”

Interviewers pose questions according to your education background (For example, they once posed a probability question to someone from an Engineering background). The question that they always pay much emphasis on is why you want to go for Finance as a career option and why do you want to choose this course over a traditional finance course offered by B-Schools. You need to be clear as to why you want to join this course because apart from being non-traditional, this course always challenges you and more often not, in not a pretty way.


Hope this was helpful.

Here’s wishing you all a very good luck

Isha Jain,

CCAP Associate, Batch VII


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