My CCAP Experience- Apurva Rastogi

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Apurva Rastogi – CRISIL GR&A

B.Tech. (Electrical and Electronics) – Vishveshwarya Institute Of Engineering and Technology

Work Ex : Fresher

CCAP, a program, an initiative and a great learning curve both for a fresher as well as an individual having prior work experience.  Often compared to the more conventional MBA in Finance program being run by various colleges across India due to its structure, subjects and curriculum. But to be very frank it is like a foot long and a mile deep program compared to the more renowned MBA program which is a mile long and a foot deep. The best part about being a CCAPian is its essence as you are learning finance in a more practical and holistic way. The hands-on experience you get being a part of CRISIL is in itself differentiates you from the rest.  The exposure you get being a part of this course is immense and extremely satisfying. Right after you are allotted Business Units life becomes so methodical and disciplined. Keeping aside the monetary gains that you might not enjoy as a CCAPian there are innumerous ways to excel both in terms of learning and shaping your career. Irrespective of any field or how much you have, it takes time for any course or program to grow on you. So as an individual all you need to do is keep your basics right, be true to yourself and always remember only the fittest shall survive. The time you are going to spend here should add value to your overall career and hence one should focus on what they are doing and how they are doing. Meanwhile, if you are thinking that CRISIL and CCAP is all about work then I would like to request you to start giving second thoughts. We as part of the batch at Crisil have been involved in many HR sessions and interesting guest lecture’s that are light and full of fun. There is also a Cricket and Football Tournament being organized by CRISIL once in a year that would keep you going and help you make some light work of your otherwise tight schedule. Do actively take part in all those fun and sports activities happening across CRISIL and sometimes different business units. Like we did in our very first year as CCAPians and had almost got first time lucky until we faltered at the final hurdle and eventually came out as silver medalists in the Football tournament. Life is simple if you are able to juggle in between your work and class schedule and also be able to learn the art of prioritizing things sooner or later. Keep motivating yourself and never hesitate in clearing your doubts. This is your best chance and platform to grow as the risks involved and consequences faced are comparatively cheaper.


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