CCAP Through My Eyes


Joining CCAP was a stepping stone for my career and I believe to have stepped on the right stone. The two years of my life in CCAP nurtured me in my professional as well as in my personal life and made me a more responsible and mature individual. The program follows the ‘Learn and Apply’ concept, wherein one grasps knowledge from the books and applies the same at work. This helps one to grow at an accelerating pace. This journey not only allows you to interact with the brightest minds in the industry but also which helps to expand your scope of thinking and grow yourself in the organization. The two years were definitely a great investment that I made in my life, and I’m proud to be a part of CCAP and CRISIL.”

Rohit Mundra
Batch 2010-12

“My journey with CRISIL (more importantly as a CCAPian) started in June 2011. Like any other division, initially, I was supposed to work as a supporting staff and there was very less work to satisfy my analytical taste buds. But I kept at it and after few months, I got my first standalone assignment (a nationalized Bank).
When it comes to learning in CRISIL, I believe you should step in, only if you have the flair to know more about Risk Management in Banking. After few months you will have sound knowledge of the norms that drives the Banking business in country. Also, if you are someone who has the knowledge of that niche segment known as “Quants”, then you may also get an opportunity to work on development of models for Risk Management.”

Deepak Joshi
Batch 2011-13

“CCAP is a hybrid programme designed to inculcate a good mix of academic skillset and practical industry experience in the field of finance. Guidance and supervision provided by eminent faculty members and strong leadership team of CRISIL acts as a great platform to jumpstart your career in the field of finance. This course has led to a paradigm shift in my life and I feel truly blessed to be a part of the CCAP family.”

Prateek Nichani
Batch 2009-11

“CCAP – It is everything that a finance enthusiast is looking for. CCAP is a well-planned and implemented work cum study programme which has helped me enhance my analytical capabilities, not only while studying, but also while interacting with my fellow CCAP participants, professors and my colleagues at work, wherein I gain from day to day work related analytical discussions. Despite being a back-bencher in the classroom sessions, through this programme, not only did I learn the basic concepts of finance but also enjoyed the taste of finance delivered from some of the best professors in the country.”

Shrikant Kongi
Batch 2011-13

“CCAP was like a journey from callow to mellow for me. This unprecedented platform helped this nerdy graduate to develop and transform into a much more practical and informed individual. The unique concept of “on the job” experience indeed triggered a steeper learning curve for me. Exposure to several situations has enabled me to introspect my strengths and weaknesses- be it decision making, creative solutions, handling workload with tough deadlines, difficult clients etc. 2009-2011 was truly an unforgettable stint of my life cycle- full of learnings, excitement, challenges and growth!!”

Neelu Agarwal
Batch 2009-10

“CCAP is an ideal bridge between campus and corporate. While the study (and fun) keeps you at college, the office environment helps gain practical application and team work. The varied and dynamic subjects included in the syllabus create a diversified knowledge base into the various fields of finance. The constant interaction between faculty at campus and our colleagues at work help in bringing a more refined thought process and approach to the problems at work. ”

Rishu Agrawal
Batch 2010-12


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