Batch III Testimonial

Puneet Bagri

CCAP’s unique work cum study program is just perfect to give us both theoretical knowledge as well as hands on experience. Hats off to CRISIL for such an innovative step. The design structure of the course is such that it brings out the best in us. It keeps us at our toes and makes us do things which even we didn’t know we were capable off. The people around are the best in business and learning just never stops.I really feel blessed to have been amongst the fortunate few who were able to be a part of the CCAP family.

Gaurav Jain

CCAP is an ideal platform for the ones who wish to learn & demystify the financial space and its jargons. It is a unique blend of work & study. It gives your career a kick start while at the same time you continue learning with the well designed course. It gives you an experience which you will always treasure in your life.

Prakash Pandey

The work experience has been like having a ringside view of the financial sector — profoundly enriching and exhilarating — I am thrilled to be a part of the CCAP.

Berkha Oberoi

The CRISIL Certified Analyst Programme is like no other. It has provided me with juxtaposition and a perfect blend of student and professional life, helping me envisage a bigger picture in life.

Ritu Tiwari

The next best thing to knowing something is knowing where to find it. I found it in the CRISIL Certified Analyst Programme. CCAP, through its intensive classwork structure and its coeval application in the real life assignments is designed in a way to help you to grow both professionally & personally. The unique work cum study programme helps you to relate concepts learnt in classroom to application in business. In my personal opinion, there is no better way to learn.

Neeta Khilnani

Being the first CCAPian in the Equity Research Division of CRISIL, my one year stint working here has been immensly rewarding in terms of the learning and has helped me build a strong foundation for my career growth. I have had the opportunity to witness the growth of this business right from its pre-launch phase to its post launch phase; an opportunity I wouldnt have got otherwise.  If you enjoy challenges, if you are willing to tread in a different trajectory, and  if you aspire to be a well-groomed financial analyst,  then Crisil Certified Analyst Programme is the place to be in.


I would call CCAP exciting and meaningful two year stint where you get to learn from and rub shoulders with the best in the business both in academics and at workplace.


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