Batch IV Testimonial

Satish R

One quarter into the course and already in a deluge of financial jargons. It’s the course that every passionate finance guy wants to go through. Its well structured course syllabus complemented with top notch industry experts and professors provides a learning that’s unparalleled with any other course in finance. The application of the learning through effort driven analytical work at CRISIL, the brand value of the organization and interaction with domain experts inside and outside of CRISIL are priceless add-ons.

Mayur Sontake

CCAP gives you a chance to learn theoretical concepts in classrooms taught by excellent professors and professionals. At the same time, you can implement the learning at the work 4 days a week giving you an edge over MBAs and other professional degree holders. CCAP, for me has been an opportunity to learn, implement and perform. I see myself in much better position theoretically and practically in just one semester.


CCAP is the ideal link between theory and practice. This 2 year fast track course enables me to work full-time, enjoy the lectures conducted by top professors and industry experts in NITIE, leading to a focused career path. The working atmosphere in CRISIL assisted me in applying what I learnt in classroom while dealing with the complexities and dynamics of working in a team. The diverse mix of high potential students adds exponentially to the learning curve through intellectually stimulating discussions. A top quality finance program that is unique in this professional world.

Mayank Srivastav

Being an engineer, the financial world muddled me in starting but this programme has provided me an unparalleled learning and exposure of the global financial markets and its operations. The unique work cum study programme helped me to relate concepts learnt in classroom to apply in real situations. The lively classroom sessions, a multi-cultural batch and a productive working environment, in my personal opinion, there is no better way to learn.

Prateek Singh Chauhan

The unique structure of CCAP program- the academic dissemination at NITIE coupled with the rigorous analytical assignments at work, has enabled me an in depth understanding of the financial nuances and has been instrumental in a smooth transition from non-finance background.

Aditya Gupta
Risk & Infra advisory

CCAP gave me a fast-track entry to the world of Finance and Risk Management. It has been a fascinating journey, learning advanced stuff like Credit Appraisal and Rating, Risk Analysis and Financial modeling in college and going to office practicing these skills in the real world.

Gaurav Bhatia,
FRM L2 candidate , Ratings

CCAP moulds an individual to develop a strong conceptual understanding of finance which has helped me for my Financial Risk Manager (FRM) exam. Furthermore, it has enabled me to strike a balance between work and study which has encouraged me to explore into new domains in finance. The first hand work experience in CRISIL has been a key differentiator of CCAP vis-à-vis the other courses; positioning the student to apply the concepts learnt at NITIE thus improving an individual’s overall proficiency.

Swaroop Gudla
CFA Level 2, Research

The programme helped me develop sound fundamentals with regards to both theoreticaland practical aspects of finance and thereby stood me in a better position while preparing for my CFA Level 1 exam

Shiva Mitra

The program provided me the opportunity to work with some of the brightest people in the industry which proved to be both challenging and enriching and also taught me to look at things from multiple perspectives.

Kapil Babbar
CFA Level II, Ratings

CCAP has helped me in making my transition from Campus to Corporate a lot easier. It’s a unique programme in a way that it gives you depth and breadth of Finance. It always inspires you to learn!!!

Pravesh Rawat
CFA Level II and FRM Level II, Research

Coming from a non-finance background, the classes helped me with a sound finance foundation. Not only were the subjects of immense use for day-to-day working, they also placed me on a higher footing for my CFA/FRM L1 exams.

Isha Gupta

CCAP provides a platform to rise above the standard definition of financial analyst through an unconventional blend of academics and practical learning. An ever-evolving course structure, a group of carefully hand-picked students and a mature work culture make it overall an intellectually stimulating experience.


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