Batch V Testimonial

Anish Nair
Risk & Infra advisory

CCAP provides an altogether new dimension to the orthodox method of teaching by having a practical application-oriented method of learning. The concept of work and study is the highlight of this program, providing participants with innumerable opportunities to learn from the best faculty in Finance and interact with successful Finance professionals.

Aashnam Kulshrestha

With the backing of two industry stalwarts, namely CRISIL and NITIE, CCAP provides a great platform for work cum study. It has given me the opportunity to work in rating assignments covering Energy and Infrastructure and rub shoulders with analysts from S&P.

Kshitij Gupta

The program’s rigorous curriculum has helped me to develop varied sets of skills like advanced accounting and financial statement analysis, which I apply in my workspace to facilitate Financial Institution rating and surveillance requests by International clients

Kumar Pranav

CCAP is for the finance enthusiasts to gain knowledge and hands on practical experience in finance. It gives the best of the academic knowledge with simultaneous application in the industry. I gained significant understanding of the financial sector, which has helped me in corporate bond trading analysis

Namit Chugh
Risk & Infra advisory

CCAP has given me an opportunity to understand the operations of a consultancy while working with Crisil Infrastructure Advisory where-in we provide financial and management consultancy to clients across sectors like urban, transport, healthcare etc. I have also been able to contribute to client interactions so far which has been a great learning experience.

Shashank Upadhyay

The program is for any enthusiast willing to work in a niche segment of finance. The best thing about the program is the flexibility in the course in the form of curriculum, guest lectures, et al.


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