Batch VI Testimonials

“Crisil Certified Analyst Programme is one of its kind wherein it enables fresh graduates & more importantly, engineers to shape up their career in finance. The execution of this programme is done very meticulously with the help of highly qualified and knowledgeable faculty members. Human Resources Team also plays a prominent role towards the betterment of program by regularly seeking feedback from the participants and applying necessary changes. The uniqueness of the program lies in the congregation of training with application of the same at work which leads to the creation of sound and highly capable financial analysts.”

Devanshi Mankodi, Associate, CRISIL Risk Solutions


“Being an engineer from BITS, I had a few lucrative job offers even before I graduated, but I always wanted to switch domain to Finance. I did not want to jump on the MBA bandwagon and instead was looking for real world experience. That was when CRISIL and CCAP happened. Though the choice was surprising to my friends and family, I had no inhibitions and took the plunge; after all not everyone gets the opportunity to study hardcore finance and also apply it simultaneously in one of the premier financial services’ firms in the world.

Few months into CCAP, the finance jargon has started to become familiar territory and the learning will only get better. In the end, it’s all about that.”

Prakruti Kodali, Associate, CRISIL Global Research & Analytics


“A child can learn to walk by many ways, but how about he is carefully nurtured and his every footstep taken care of ? That is what exactly 2 years for a CCAPian are. To be taught in classes by the best in academia, and to be working along with the industry experts, doing interesting class assignments, and accomplishing challenging work tasks, guided by the seniors in all ways… I couldn’t have asked for a better start of career.”

Krishna Chaitanya Venkata, Associate, CRISIL Risk Solutions


“For me, the CCAP experience has been enriching, inspiring and exhilarating. Through CCAP, not only does one develop sound concepts in finance, but also gets hands-on work experience, and an opportunity to work and interact with some of the best brains in the country. CCAP broadens one’s view, through the exposure one gets at work and through the interesting multi-cultural batch population. The chance to apply theory in practice, and the opportunity to understand the working of the business closely is a key differentiator of the program vis-à-vis a conventional classroom teaching course. I believe there can be no better way to learn.”

Tanvi Gokhale, Associate, CRISIL Ratings


“I was always against doing part time MBA as it doesn’t provide you with enough skills that are required on an industry level, An average B-school MBA finance guy has only theoretical knowledge but no hand on experience. But this unique program by CRISIL where the focus is majorly in Finance solves the above problem. In addition to this the ROI for the course is huge and is probably the BEST course in the country; where the curriculum being designed with the blend of MBA,CFA FRM & on work front one is working with best minds of the country.”

Pratik Devdas Pai, Associate, CRISIL Research


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