Batch VII Testimonials

CCAP course has been a path breaking drive that provides a blend of content orientation in conjunction with on-the-job exposure. The course curriculum is well planned and executed – a very reflection of which has been seen in the way our CCAP associates have performed on the job assignments so far. Even the parameters of evaluation have been closely linked with the performance evaluation at work which results into development of well-rounded skill sets. Resultantly, we have seen some of the best talents developing into strong content leaders in the last few years.
My one advice to upcoming batches would be that the associates should strive to focus on all areas of research in the initial few years, of course zest for learning being the key driver for it. This will help them identify their areas of strength [which could be any domain or sector] and nurture it further with cutting edge assignments in the same domain or sector.
On this note, I wish all CCAP associates a very best of luck in all their future endeavors.

Vishal Pasari, Manager, CRISIL GR&A

All of us have heard of the story of Thumbelina – the girl who was as big as a human thumb! She had to overcome challenges that were way bigger than her size. But as she went on overcoming her challenges and fought her way through the chaos and confusion, she reached where she always belonged – among fairies. She finally found her wings!
Your rite of passage through CCAP is no different from this story. As soon as you graduate, you have a plethora of options before you. You know your destination but don’t know which path to take. There are thousands of questions before you – should I work? Or should I go for an MBA? Will companies hire me as I have no experience? Even if I am hired, how will I perform at work? And many more.
In such a confusing situation, CCAP clears the air and gives you an opportunity to perform. Its comprehensive work-and-study model incorporates theoretical as well as practical knowledge. This gives you the confidence to excel at your work. In a way, it transforms you and molds you into a thorough professional. The challenges are of course there, but CCAP offers you an opportunity that’s bigger than these challenges. And as you move ahead making your way, you don’t even realize when you find your wings!

Shalaka Targe, Associate, CRISIL RESEARCH

During my last year, I was weighing my options – whether to continue my studies or first work for some time and then study – as finance is not a subject that could be learnt by reading books. CCAP provided me a good and feasible option to study finance and put to use the knowledge at work. After years of just sitting and studying in a classroom, the idea of studying and working was new and challenging. Work at Crisil is exciting as well as demanding. There are deadlines to be met at work on one hand and class tests on the other. It is a difficult task managing both efficiently and giving your best shot to each. It took me time but I am better at it now. The lectures conducted by top professors and industry experts along with an opportunity to work full time in the two year fast track programme has given my career a great start and a new dimension. It’s just the start; a lot is yet to come and yet to be done. But I look forward to learning that comes with each new day.

Hetal Gada, Associate, CRISIL RESEARCH

While looking for options after graduation, I came across CCAP. It checked all my boxes; an opportunity to learn, a job at CRISIL fresh out of under-grad, a competitive work environment.
The programme revolves around me as a candidate and is designed for me to grow within the organization. It is an opportunity I grasped with both hands. I am learning from my classes on Fridays and Saturdays, and they intertwine wonderfully with what I face at work. Joining the dots feels rewarding.
The fact that at the end of two years, a CCAPian is expected to achieve a standard equal to an analyst/or consultant – something that CRISIL is renowned for – is both intimidating and encouraging at the same time. If you (as a candidate) are willing to put in the effort, if you are willing to be curious and passionate about your work; from the mundane to the exciting; you will be intellectually stimulated at Crisil. You will be able to learn from every experience, and you will be helped generously along the way. You will be challenged, and you will be recognized if you can perform. Jack of all trades. Mastering one.

Soham Sanyal, Associate, CRISIL RISK SOLUTIONS

After working with McGraw Hill Financial, I was sure of pursuing my career in finance. But to step ahead, you need knowledge. That is when I decided to join Crisil Certified Analyst Program (CCAP).
Leading Industry professionals and faculty from top grade B-schools teach in CCAP. With their intellectual largesse and wealth of knowledge, one stands to learn and gain a lot. Studies together with work is a different concept altogether in Indian Education System. But when you settle down in a student’s as well as professional life here in CCAP, you start enjoying the best of both worlds.
CCAP is challenging with one left with balancing study and work at a low salary point. But if you can deliver each minute at both the fronts with full focus and passion to learn without giving salary that much importance, CCAP awaits you.
As Seneca once said, “A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a man perfected without trials.”

Rajhans, Associate, CRISIL GAC

In my opinion building one’s career is no different from building an investment portfolio. Coming from an engineering background and after a brief stint in the world of analytics, finance wasn’t really home territory, but there was this deep desire to explore it. And so for me, CCAP was this tailor-made low risk, high return investment that came with the convertibility option(to be exercised after the completion of the program).Barely six months into the program, each passing day has added to my confidence in the investment I made and I am positive that the returns will only get higher.

Chitra Mahale, Associate, CRISIL GAC

After completing my graduation in English (Hons.), I dabbled with Marketing & HR so as to make sure of the field I wanted to enter into. My tryst with CCAP began when I was sure that I wanted to enter into finance. Crisil, being a big name in the financial world, came about as a good option. While entering CCAP, I was prepared for the surprises and difficult situations the experience will throw at me. Yet, the sheer intensity of it took me by surprise. You always need to be on your toes with CCAP, be it at classes or at workplace. The fact that I didn’t have any financial background made it all the more difficult for me. Long hours at work and classes almost threw me off. Further, a low salary did not make it any easier.
But as they say, you have to struggle to achieve something big. There are a lot of perks that are attached to CCAP, a good package at the end of two years (provided satisfactory performance) is only one of them. Working with Crisil, a reputed organization and getting a first-hand experience with the financial world are big advantages associated with the program. Being able to interact with people possessing immense knowledge related to the field puts icing on the cake.
So my message to any prospective applicant will be: Enter the program only if you are passionate about the field and are ready to combat difficulties to achieve what the program promises.

Isha Jain, Associate, CRISIL GR&A

Having completed my Bachelor’s in Economics, and having little knowledge about the field of finance, I came with various doubts about CCAP in my mind. I remember not being convinced to come to Mumbai even the morning I was supposed to leave from home. That’s when I decided to give it a shot and take it as it comes.

Six months into my CCAP journey, I don’t hold any regrets. Deciding to join this programme instead of a traditional MBA makes sense to me now due to various reasons. The most obvious one – applying at work what I study in class, and getting paid for it – stands without a doubt. This being my first job, CRISIL has helped me learn a lot about corporate culture. Working directly with Standard & Poor’s analysts who have a decade of experience behind them has also helped me develop my skills. But, in my opinion, the highlight of the programme is that it is extremely dynamic in nature. The fact that the programme is managed by a leading finance company is apparent in the openness of the co-ordinators towards new ideas. The subjects we study, the professors taking the subjects, and the various workshops and training sessions that are organized for CCAPians always revolve around the direct and current requirements of an analyst in the finance industry. CCAP classes are tailor-made for the purpose of grooming a financial analyst and are conducted in a way different from conventional classes.

Although the programme might not suit everyone’s interests and aspirations, as a beginner in the industry, I am extremely satisfied with what the programme has to offer to me.

Ruchika Radhakrishnan, Associate, CRISIL GAC

The CRISIL Certified Analyst Programme (CCAP) gave me my first job after my graduation in Electrical Engineering. This is my first experience in the finance and corporate field. True to its name, CCAP is an extensive course, much to the liking of any budding research or financial analyst. With the backing of a reputed name and able workforce, CCAP is, in short, not just a course but ‘complete financial engineering’. It came to me as a surprise, as I was already in the mood to change the trajectory of my career. The only things I could boast of before joining CCAP were good managerial skills and a keen interest in the nuances related to the financial world. I made myself ready for an all-new experience and was determined to face any new challenges thrown at me.

Right from the moment I stepped into this programme, I realized life wouldn’t be easy because you are expected to balance both work, studies and fun (if any) with ease and panache. During the classes, I couldn’t cover up for long my insufficient knowledge and shallow understanding of the financial know-how, which was very much evident in my work as well. But, as they say, you cannot walk down a swampy land without getting yourself dirty. So a lot of commitment and focus is needed, both at work and in class. One needs to be consistent enough throughout the course as you might have to stretch yourselves, or at times, work during weekends. On the other side, never let your salary reflect your work, or vice versa, because initially they might not complement each other. However, once you get into the flow and attain a good footing for yourself among such eminent members of the corporate world, the monetary benefits will follow. The hands-on experience is immensely engaging and very holistic, and will carve a niche for you very early in your career if you happen to make the best use of it. The treatment here at CRISIL is very kind, and CCAPians are considered to be a very useful and high-potential resource. After the completion of the course, you are eligible for a good package and an equally respectable position in the company – that of a Financial Analyst; something that is very positive and greatly cherished by us. So my message/word of advice/source of motivation to any prospective applicant will be:  Enter the world of CCAP only if you are ready to give it your best and are passionate about your work. Stay positive and be ready for any difficulties coming your way. Focus on your goal and humbly achieve it through this promising programme.

Apurva Rastogi, Associate, CRISIL GR&A


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