The CCAP Experience

So what is the regular day of a CCAPian like?

What exactly do the CCAPians do in the various business units of CRISIL? How does a budding analyst leverage the advantage of learning finance from some of the best professionals and practitioners?

If all these questions cross your mind as well, what better way to find out than just ask someone who’s living that life?

Here are some CCAPians, who believe that they have the best of both worlds – a world class academic experience, and a work environment that’s enriching and intellectually challenging – narrating their CCAP story. Let’s take a look at what they have to say.

Happy Reading!

CCAP Batch V

Mahima Maheshwari – CCAP Batch V, CRISIL – GAC

Namit Chugh – CCAP Batch V, CRISIL – Infrastructure Advisory

Alokik Pandey – CCAP Batch V, CRISIL – Ratings

Shashank Upadhyay – CCAP Batch V, CRISIL – GR & A

Deepak Joshi – CCAP Batch V, CRISIL – Risk Solutions


Rishabh Mehra – CCAP Batch VI, CRISIL – Risk Solutions

Poorna Iyer – CCAP Batch VI, CRISIL – GR & A

Tanvi Gokhale – CCAP Batch VI, CRISIL – Ratings

Vaibhav Talwar – CCAP Batch VI, CRISIL – Research

Rikta Doshi – CCAP Batch VI, CRISIL – GAC

Tejaswi Subramanian – CCAP Batch VI, CRISIL – Infrastructure Advisory


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