The Spirit of CCAP

“We’ve removed the ceiling above our dreams. There are no more impossible dreams.”

What does it take to have a good life, a good life is when one lives by his choices rather than the options available to him or her, but life at CCAP takes us one step further and teaches us that we can not make good choices until we capitalize well on the options available to us. Success requires accepting responsibility and life at CCAP teaches you how to handle responsibilities whether professional or personal.

 Life at CCAP is a learning which can be found nowhere else. Here at CCAP success comes along with action and rewards are sought only by commitment. CCAP because of its unique structure and design makes the participants the most equipped and natural personnel in the industry. Life at CCAP consists of toiling days of work which requires decisiveness of a very high level. The location of the program being the City of Mumbai is an added advantage for the participants. It is here where you learn how to handle you own life in a way which is apt and useful to all those concerned with you.

Life at CCAP is about learning to become more systematic, it makes you feel big and proud when you interact with high profile people and when stalwarts of the industry come to teach you their own aspects about different issues and you have a chance to make your own arguments without any reluctance. Life at CCAP teaches you the most advanced ways of Financial Analysis and the true practical aspects of the Financial Services Industry. Life at CCAP makes one a professional who is Global in his opinion and generates an out of the box idea without ignoring the conventional aspects of anything. Life at CCAP is about adding value to your work and finding creative solutions to a problem. As the great thinker Shiv Khera says, “Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently” and that is what Life at CCAP teaches you. 

Life at CCAP is about knowing your limitations and focusing only on your strengths, a true world class professional atmosphere and the most reputed faculty provided brings out the best in you. Life at CCAP is about living and working in group of people who bring to you several different colors and aspects of life and work and encourage you to move further and faster along with them. 

In true words Life at CCAP teaches us that “if opportunity doesn’t knock, I think one forgot to build the door.”